Please read the wonderful comments about the adoption process at ALMC as well as the smooth transition from our home to the pups' new homes!  Please don't hesitate to ask for a reference...

Just wanted you to know that Lacy is doing great.

She has slept through the night since her first night home.

Our grandchildren love her and she is wonderful with them.

Her first visit to their home Lacy decided to make their Barney chair hers.

March 2015

Hi Trish,

I realize I sent you way too many photos. We have so many of Lenny and all the adventures he's been on. Milwaukee to Chicago to now Hawaii! Some of the pictures include he's first snow (which he loved!) to hiking a volcanic crater. He's also joined us on many fundraiser runs. Lots of people stop me and tell me how handsome he's is! I do have to agree.

I would also like to take the time to thank you for such an amazing dog. So much personality and one of the smartness dogs I've ever had! He graduated top of his obedience class! He recently just started to enjoy swimming in the ocean. Which has been a joy to see him come out of his shell at the beach!

Again thank you and we are definitely considering getting another one of your fantastic dogs in the near future! 🙂

Hope all is well,

March 2015

Our dog, Sconnie, became a part of our family nearly two years ago. In that time, he has become not just a family pet, but a constant companion, bright spot in our day, and so much more. He is a dog full of love and life, always excited to meet new people and dogs. He gives the best hugs, snuggles, and is famous for his kisses. Aside from his loving personality, he is extremely well behaved and intelligent; he was nearly completely potty trained when we adopted him and is great at doing tricks. When he is not showering us with snuggles, he enjoys chewing on his bone, playing with his favorite purple toy, patrolling around the backyard for squirrels, swimming, and cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers. We absolutely recommend Trish Kelley’s ALMC if you want a loving, smart, and family-oriented dog like our Sconnie. 🙂

February 2015

Hi Trish!

I saw your recent request for pictures of dogs purchased from you! Here are a few of Rufus from Dublin and Darcy's litter on August 10, 2014. I literally have thousands of him, but here are a few (mostly recent) favorites. Hopefully you can use one or two on your website! I can tell you this much - he certainly gets a LOT of attention from just about absolutely everyone. People stop to ask me so often what kind of dog he is and remark on his cuteness and stunning coat color. He is so incredibly social and loves to be a part of whatever it is we are doing. He's great with adults and kids alike - loves other dogs as well regardless of the size! We even recently got to take him into my 7 year old daughters school because she was "star of the week" He did such a great job with everyone. He even sat at story time and was attentive while the kids would raise their hands to ask me questions about him. In fact, two kids in the class asked me before I left the classroom to help them write down what kind of dog he is and where to get one. Ha! Oh and lastly his coat truly does feel like angora and it is entirely non shedding!

Anyway in my personal opinion he's certainly one to show off!  Most of these are of him at 5-6 months. The one where he looks really young he's about 9 weeks old. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. We were at the vet last week and he weighed in at 27.2 pounds. I wonder if he will make it to or surpass the 35-40 pound range. Any thoughts?

February 2015

Thank you Trish.

You have been very helpful answering all of my many questions.

We are thrilled to add Lacy to our family.

I will send you pictures.

February 2015


I just had to share recent photos of our Owney (Breezie/Keeper 02/26/14).  I recently joined a Facebook group just for Australian Labradoodle owners, and I included this photo grouping in my welcome post.

Well, I am bursting at the seams to tell you that I received over 100+ likes (the most likes/comments that I have seen on this group's postings so far) and SO many people commented on how stunning she is!!

As of this writing, Owney is 28 lbs, loves the snow, loves the cold, and loves to jump!

Thank you again and again for breeding and raising these wonderful dogs!  We love our Owney girl!

January 2015

Hi Trish, I just wanted to write to you and let you know what a great summer we have had with Bentley. She has brought so much joy and laughter into our household; even my husband who was a little reluctant at first has come around!! Bentley loves to go boating, take walks, play fetch and most of all she loves belly rubs! Bentley just completed a 6 wk obedience class and showed all the other (and much older) dogs how its done! She even knows how to “tidy up” her toys…she is one smart puppy! Honestly, she is doing fantastic – such an awesome addition to our family!

September 2014

My Einstein is 6 yrs old (Harley & violets pup). He's the BEST dog ever! Working with Trish made the whole process a wonderful experience! If I had more room, I'd get another in a heartbeat!

July 2014

I searched for 4 months looking for a reputable breeder and professional business to add a family member. Trish Kelley ...and her staff of guardians are top notch. Excellent organization and plenty of daily and weekly information on your puppy once you have decided on a pup. Excellent health standards and a business woman who shows her passion and love for her animals in the way she runs of business. We have "BEAU" who is one of Breezie's Bunch from Feb 2014. He is a handsome, smart and super lovable dog. I am wishing I would have bought 2! Will always use ALMC for any future pups.

Todd and Holly

Louisville, KY

May 2014

We are happy and amazed at Chuckles adjustment to our home-- and the crate training is a blessing, he goes right to bed at 7:30! And he has only had 2 "accidents" in the house since arriving, since you had potty trained them so well. He loves the blanket that you supplied that smells of his brothers. I think you did a great job raising our babies-- the adoption was so very smooth. We will send pictures Soon! Best regards, Jo and Bruce Walker

Hi Trish - "Your ears must have been ringing".  I have finally gotten around to downloading some photos and was planning to send them to you today.  Please see attached pictures of Max and his new family!  We love him SO much.  He is very gentle and really easy to train.  He definitely has some smart genes.  You did a great job with crate training and I wouldn't change a thing for your future litters.  I was very grateful that Max was so well prepared before he arrived.  He handled the nights well...just a small transition with the first couple of nights, but now sleeps through.  He is almost fully potty trained and doing much better than I expected.  The adoption process at ALMC was wonderful.  I can't say enough about how you handled everything.  When people ask about my breeder (I believe at least one person has called you), I just tell them that they better hurry up and get on a waitlist because I'm sure that it is growing.  Max is stopped in the streets constantly...everyone thinks that he is adorable! All the best to you and good luck with your pending puppies!

Barb, Kevin, Morgan, Hannah and "Max" Sheridan

Hi Trish!!!  I just put my application in the mail today.  My husband and I are so excited.  We have such a great feeling about your Labradoodles.  Friends of ours; he is a retired vet and has 2 doodles gave me info about what to look for in a good breeder.  I really did my homework and YOU ARE the BEST I have seen.  I bet I researched hundreds.  Thanks so much for getting back to me so soon.  Talking to you made me feel great and exited about your doodles.  I pray we are considered for the puppies from the medium doodles, Keeper and Lucy.  They are adorable.  Take care!!  Edie Sward

Hi Trish, Wow...what a star student!!!! Teddy is doing so well in her new home and we owe it all to you. Thanks for getting her so comfortable with her crate. She loves to nap in there! Teddy was great on the ride home. Victoria held her a bit and Teddy did whimper a bit but soon settled down by Grace. Once home Scott immediately took her to the back yard to potty outside for the 1st time with great success!!! She is doing so well with potty training. She went to bed around 8pm....just went into her crate by herself and snuggled in. Didn't even cry when Scott closed the door to the crate. She fell asleep. I had gone out for dinner with a friend (preplanned). I guess I was a bit loud when I came in. As soon as my head hit the pillow she started to bark. This was at 10:30pm. Scott tapped the crate and settled her down. Soon she was asleep again. She awoke barking at 1am. Scott took her out to go potty and she went back to sleep until 6am and Victoria woke up and took her outside to potty. It seems too good to be true!!! We are following Cesar's training tips and Teddy seems so smart. She goes in the rooms we introduced to her (kitchen, family room, playroom, laundry room). She even stays away from the kitchen table when we eat. She is a gem and we are so pleased. Thanks for taking such wonderful care of her. We will continue to do the same and will keep you updated with photos and emails! Thanks again, Teddy's proud owners The Charmoli Family

Hi Trish,   Teddy just had a check up on Wed and she is the picture of health. I can't believe she weighed in at 15 lbs already!!!! Is it true she will double this weight?   Thanks for all your advice along the way. She is a wonderful pet and part of our family. Everyone who meets her can't get over how well behaved she is...not mention how pretty she is. Of course we tell everyone about you!!!

Trish:  Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your home this morning and meet the dogs.  After the visit we talked and are sure of a few things:  You are the BEST breeder of Labradoodles in the US and we are very fortunate to have you in our own back yard, so to speak.  We don’t care if we get a boy or girl, just want a winning personality.  YOU CHOOSE. Apricot or cream is fine.  Apricot preferred, but personality is much more important.  We are more than willing to wait (I think we would prefer) an offspring of Willow and Harley. End of July is fine with us. Thanks again so much, Val and Bill

Hi Trish, It's time for Teddy to be groomed. What is the name of your groomer? We'd like to go to a trusted place that is familiar with Australian Labradoodles...and we trust you!!!

Hi Trish, When you said we were getting a really fine puppy, you weren't kidding.  He is adjusting marvelously well.  He's had no accidents so far and couldn't be more fun and loveable.  Neighbors have come over to meet him.  We took him with us last night when we played bocce ball with other neighbors and they all think he is so cute and special.  I've even had him in the mini-bike trailer and he seems to like it.  When we were waiting for Dudley, we had "high hopes", but so far he has exceeded them.  Joan has already said: "What did we do without him?"  Admittedly, we haven't gotten much done as we have been enjoying him so much.  We did leave him for an hour today while we attended a former neighbor's funeral here on campus.  Another couple stopped in while we were gone and left a present--a Christmas tree ornament with Dudley's name on it and an appropriate date.  Suffice it to say, we are thrilled with the new member of our family and we are so relieved that we can share him with you when we go to Mexico (probably the last week in January--that hasn't been finalized yet). We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done. Trish,  Jerry and Joan

Attached find the completed survey as requested. Hermione is settling in at our house just fine. She is as cute as can be! Sleeping through the night from 2nd day forward, eating well (kept her on the Life's Abundance Puppy food), and having a lot of fun here running and jumping in the grass. I will send some pictures soon. You raise very nice dogs.

ALMC’s Satisfaction Survey

1. Were there any expectations not met, that was promised by ALMC?

Can’t think of any. I am very pleased with the outcome.

2. Did you find the crate training to be an asset to you?

Yes. The first night, Hermione slept in her crate without difficulty (no crying/no barking). The second night and every night after she willingly retires in her crate and sleeps through the night. Very smooth transition.

3. Did you find housetraining easier than you had imagined?

While I believe housetraining a puppy includes training the owner as well as the pup, I believe Hermione had a good understanding of where she needed to go to fulfill that action. I find that schedule feedings is key to housetraining so the owner knows when to take the dog outdoors.

4. Is the match between the puppy and what you requested on your puppy application form suitable?

Yes indeed. Hermione is very sweet and loving. She is definitely part of this family.

5. What would you suggest ALMC do differently with future litters to improve the whole adoption experience?

Nothing more that I can add.

6. Would you purchase a 2nd puppy from ALMC or refer ALMC to someone else?


7. Comments, negative or positive (please be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings.)

I appreciate the understanding you extended to me to match me with the specific characteristics I wanted/desired in a puppy. So far, I believe the long wait on the waiting list was worth my while as Hermione is a delightful dog and breed.

ALMC’s Satisfaction Survey

1. All expectations were met and exceeded!

2. The crate training is the best! Our son’s dog hates his crate, while Tiki loves his.  He views it as his personal space.  He picks up his toys and runs in the crate to keep them to himself.  He sleeps peacefully in his crate 11PM-6AM and then waits for us to wake up.  Minor whining for 5-10 minutes the first night only.

3. House training has so far been a breeze.  One week and only two accidents in the house.

4. Perfect personality match for us.  Thanks so much!

5. Nothing different. You’ve got do a fabulous job.

6. Absolutely!!!!!!

7. Seriously, I don’t think you should change a thing. Love Tiki, loved the process, you do a great job.

Tiki is the best, smartest dog in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And no, I'm not prejudice. He already knows: sit, paw, come and down!  Left alone today for the first time for two hours and no damage and no accidents!   Could it get any better? WE LOVE OUR DOG!  Thank you, thank you, Bill, Val and Tiki

1. Were there any expectations not met, that was promised by ALMC?

All of my expectations were met.  Of course, you always wish you could get the puppies earlier but I understand that wasn’t possible.  I know this litter was delayed a little because the vet was on vacation.

2. Did you find the crate training to be an asset to you?

The crate training was a great thing.  Ruby was used to being in her crate and made the night time a simple transition.  She was sleeping through the night by night 3 with little to no crying.

3. Did you find housetraining easier than you had imagined?

Housetraining was easier than I thought. A few accidents which is to be expected.  I thought it would take weeks and weeks and it didn’t.  I am hoping that someday she will let me know when she has to go out instead of me taking her out as often as I can.  I think that will come eventually.  I tell her to go “potty” and she goes (amazing)

4. Is the match between the puppy and what you requested on your puppy application form suitable?

Couldn’t have been a better match.  She is such a “mild tempered” puppy and so sweet.  She isn’t that “high energy” type puppy that everyone warned me about.  People that visit her can’t believe how sweet and snuggly she is.  You did a great job picking out the cutest and most adorable puppy for us (thank you).

5. What would you suggest ALMC do differently with future litters to improve the whole adoption experience?

I can’t think of a thing, everything was wonderful.

6. Would you purchase a 2nd puppy from ALMC or refer ALMC to someone else?

I would definitely purchase another puppy from you and have already suggested you to my friends.

7. Comments, negative or positive (please be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings).

The photos & videos that you sent were the best part (besides getting the puppy of course).  It was such a valuable part of the bonding experience.  I loved coming over @ 6 weeks to meet Ruby and bring the crate.  Having the spaying and microchipping done by the time the puppy came home was a real benefit.  My experience was so wonderful.  This is my first puppy and you were/are always there to ask questions, thank you.  I feel fortunate to have gotten one of the puppies from this litter (waitlisted since Dec 08).  She was well worth the wait.   Had her at the vet yesterday who complimented you (the breeder) and said she was a wonderful puppy.   Great experience.  I am so glad I found you and you swayed me away from the golden doodle and went to the Australian Labradoodle instead.

ALMC’s Satisfaction Survey

1. Were there any expectations not met, that was promised by ALMC?

My husband and I were very pleased with our experience in adopting a puppy from ALMC.  Whatever Trish told us was honest and open.  We had no surprises.

2. Did you find the crate training to be an asset to you?

The crate training was perfect.  When we got our puppy home we had a few days of transition but within a few days he went into the crate at night with no whimpering and when left alone for a few hours, he was content to be left in his crate.

3. Did you find housetraining easier than you had imagined?

Housetraining has been fairly easy.  Although he doesn’t bark or whine he does run to the door and that is currently our clue.  I am thinking of using the bells system to assist in the final stages.   Accidents have been minimal and caused mostly by my inattentiveness.

4. Is the match between the puppy and what you requested on your puppy application form suitable?

Hogan is just loving and fun to be around.  So, of course we’re thrilled with him.

5. What would you suggest ALMC do differently with future litters to improve the whole adoption experience?

6. Would you purchase a 2nd puppy from ALMC or refer ALMC to someone else?

We would definitely adopt from ALMC again and already have recommended two families and shared contact information for ALMC.  We really appreciated the email photos and videos each week.  It certainly made the wait so much fun as we watched the puppies grow.

7. Comments, negative or positive (please be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings).

Trish, I have nothing negative to say.  You as “mom” to our puppy were just wonderful.  He has a mellow temperament and loves to be cuddled.  That might not be the case coming from other breeders.  He reflects the love you have for your litters.  Also, the time you spent with us at our 6 week visit confirmed to us that we had made the right choice in a breeder.

Hi Trish---So great to hear from you!!!  What a wonderful dog.  We love her so much!!!  She IS the highlight of our days.  She knows all her commands and is very social.  She is totally an outdoor dog.  She loves going on walks and playing outside.   She is so good on her leash and follows commands.  People are really impressed with her.  We are going to puppy school in October and that should be fun for her.  Trish, you are the best breeder of Australian Labradoodles.  Thank you for all the time and love you put into your dogs.  IT SHOWS!!!  I will send you a picture this week of her.  I have already used up my memory card on her so I have to print fast and take new pictures.  Your web site looks so nice.  I still like to check it out and see what is going on.  Congrats on the new puppies coming.  All those families getting those awesome pups are lucky!!!  Take care and I will send a picture.  Edie

ALMC’s Satisfaction Survey

1. Were there any expectations not met, that was promised by ALMC?

Nope.  The process was exactly what I expected.  Abbey continues to amaze me on a daily basis.

2. Did you find the crate training to be an asset to you?

Crate training has been wonderful.  From day one Abbey loved going into her crate, and generally will hunker down in there when she is getting sleepy.  The only transition is getting her used to going into her crate when mom says so and not just when she feels like it 😉

3. Did you find housetraining easier than you had imagined?

Abbey has been doing wonderfully and has had minimal accidents, mainly when I had my back turned to her for a second or when I was not properly reading her signs as to when she needed to go.  I feel bad because sometimes I see her sitting down somewhere and it looks a bit like she has begun to squat to relieve herself, so I say “No” and she just looks at me like I am crazy like “what are you hollering for woman, I am just resting”.  She definitely keeps me on my toes!

4. Is the match between the puppy and what you requested on your puppy application form suitable?

Abbey is just a delight.  She is so sweet and would prefer to be sitting on my lap munching on a toy than anywhere else in the world.  She loves giving kisses and still likes to snuggle.  She is very easy going and had adapted to her new life quite easily.  I love her little bursts of puppy energy and then watching her just curl up and sleep 10 seconds later.  She is very smart and knows how to sit and down already.  It is too funny watching her try and figure out what I am asking her to do sometimes, as she goes though a whole host of things until she gets it right and finally gets her treat.

5. What would you suggest ALMC do differently with future litters to improve the whole adoption experience?

Nothing.  I loved the photos and videos of the puppies.  It allowed me to bond with her, even though she was not living with me as of yet.  The emails with tidbits of info about the puppies along the way were also a joy to read.  I could not wait to check my email every morning to see if you had sent something about Abbey.  It made the anticipation worse, but really allowed me to get to know Abbey a bit before bringing her home.

6. Would you purchase a 2nd puppy from ALMC or refer ALMC to someone else?

Absolutely.  I am still catching up on my zzz’s with Abbey now, but down the road I would not hesitate to get a second dog from ALMC and will certainly pass your name along as people ask me about Abbey and where I got such an adorable dog from.

7. Comments, negative or positive (please be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings).

Nothing negative at all.  Everywhere I go with Abbey everyone cannot get over how adorable and sweet she is and I absolutely agree with them.  She is such as joy and I only wish I had more time in the day to spend with her.  I cannot wait until the weather warms up and we can play outside more and start taking some nice walks together.  Thanks Trish for all your help and for Abbey of course!