Rarely do we have puppies available for immediate adoption. We work off of an adoption waitlist. If you are interested in getting on the list please click on the "APPLY" button to fill in your email address to send the applocation to.

This loving, amazing breed is in high demand and families looking to adopt one need to submit their application and deposit to me to get onto the waitlist.  Once on my waitlist, as each girl comes to me to deliver her litter, I call the families starting with #1 on my waitlist and continuing down my waitlist until all the puppies are placed.  Some families will pass on this litter and wait for another, so you may be #10 on my waitlist, with 7 pups to place and be very surprised when I call you with an available puppy due to a number of families passing on that litter.  (I never make you take a puppy, it's totally your call when to take one).  Once on my waitlist you will be kept "in the loop" with which girl has come into heat, is being bred, or coming to me to deliver her puppies. These "updates" are sent only to the families on my waitlist.  Thank you for your patience, as the end result will be worth your wait!

And if I ever do have a puppy available for immediate adoption I will put it on this page!

Smart Adoption Process

A happy, secure, and trained puppy

Exclusive Experience

Over a dozen years of exclusive expertise in breeding

Best of Breed

17th generation Australian Labradoodles

Do you dread bringing your puppy to its new home, knowing it’s going to howl most of the night for a number of nights, disrupting the whole family??

---not only is your new puppy going to have to adjust to living with a new family,

---not only is your new puppy going to miss terribly not having its siblings nearby,

---but now it’s going to have to adjust to sleeping in a strange crate by itself, with all new surroundings and sounds

Well... We at ALMC believe a happy, secure puppy is going to make for a calmer, more peaceful transition to its new surroundings, creating a win-win for both the puppy and the new family…

So with that in mind, we are happy to offer you one of the many benefits of purchasing an Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection puppy!!!

At 6 weeks of age the families are invited to our home to meet their puppies for the first time and to drop off their crates for crate training. Some families just live too far to make this trip and choose to wait for two more weeks when they pickup their pups at 8 weeks for their final trip to their new homes, either is fine.

We introduce them to their crate during the 6th week they are living with us. We begin this process with 2 to 3 pups in a crate, every other day we decrease the number of pups in the crate, finally the last few days your pup is sleeping by itself in its own crate. The transition is so much easier on your pup and on your family!  Your puppy also goes home with a nice size stuffed animal with all the sweet scents on them that mom and siblings left!

Next Steps...

Contact us to submit your application and get on our waitlist for the next available adoption!

Meet the Parents

Introducing SAILOR Born 3/27/16 (11th Generation Australian Labradoodle with parentage back to Tegan Park and Rutland Manor)

Health Testing / Guarantee

Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection offer the following health guarantee relating to all hereditary diseases up to the age of two years (please see exception below in red) under the following conditions...