Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection offer the following health guarantee relating to all hereditary diseases up to the age of two years under the following conditions:

1. The condition is designated severe, clinical, or life-threatening by two independent veterinarians, and all diagnostic data, including x-rays, are provided to Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection for review and evaluation by a vet of its choosing.

2. In the case of non-de-sexed dogs/bitches sold for breeding, evidence of the de-sexing of such dog/bitch be provided to Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection prior to compensation being discussed.

3. In the case of Hip Dysplasia (HD) or Elbow Dysplasia (ED)

  • The primary source of diet has not been commercial dry foods.
  • The purchaser has abided by the information supplied by Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection and has abided by the cautions regarding the correct exercise and raising regimens for optimum health of growing dogs.
  • The dog has not been "run" on a consistent basis, such as: running with a person or jogging with a person on a daily basis, this will destroy your pup/dog's hip joints, same as tying a dog to a rope and riding a bike with the dog running constantly to keep up with the bike.  (These types of activities have proven to be very harmful to a dog's joints and hips.)  If proven this will void your health guarantee.

4. Subject to all conditions of this guarantee being met, compensation may be made up to the purchase price of the dog or puppy. Shipping and veterinarian costs are excluded.

5.  If you purchase, (link is on my website), and feed your puppy/dog Life's Abundance dog food for at least the first 3 years, my guarantee will be extended to three years.  I receive a receipt of each sale made through my website, that is how I keep track of who has purchased the Life's Abundance dog food.


The Australian Labraoodle Assoc. is the first dog breed association worldwide to require compulsary DNA testing for prcd-PRA.

Prcd-PRA is a genetic eye disease that Labradors, poodles and at least 28 other dog breeds carry. The disorder causes cells in the retina at the back of the eye to degenerate and die. There is no treatment or cure for PRA.

Here at Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection, we are testing all our breeding dogs in an effort to eliminate PRA from the Labradoodle breed, so you can be assured that a puppy from ALMC's upcoming litters, will never be affected by this blinding disease

Read more about this condition on the Optigen website